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Autonomous.ai - Standing Desks & Ergonomic Office Chairs

So you heard about Autonomous and their standing desks, ergonomic office chairs and desk accessories and you want to know if their stuff is worth it?

You've come to the right place.

Autonomous.ai has a strong influencer program, so a lot of influencers are getting something in return for leaving a biased review.

ErgoChair 2 Review

Here is one of the best unbiased reviews I found on the ErgoChair 2.

So why should you care about buying an ergonomic chair?

ErgoChair 2 versus other brands

If you sit at your desk for a long period of time, you probably realize that your back or other parts of your body start to get fatigued and they may even hurt or get sore. It's better to invest in a proper ergonomic chair.

Now, then having to deal with back problems later on, because of the way you sat in this video, we'll be doing a deep dive into everything, taking delivery of the ErgoChair 2, to using it for over a week every day, really quick before getting started a big welcome to anyone who's needed.

Now, the ergo tier two is priced at 349$.

If you go on Amazon and search for ergonomic chair, you'll find a bunch of lower cost options.

But if you're serious about finding an ergonomic chair for your home office, you have to look elsewhere outside of Amazon.

Now autonomous does have competition at the 349$ price point, but what I found where most of the competition had minor differences and more importantly, all the competitor websites have websites that are very difficult to use.

It was honestly like going back in time 20 years and trying to purchase something online for the first time.

It was just too annoying.

Other brands have way too many options to choose from.

And nothing is clearly explained to what each option even means.

You can't even see a live picture preview of what you're about to order.

And on top of that, the competitors don't have many reviews to watch on YouTube.

And for me personally, when I buy something a little expensive, I like to watch review videos and the ergo chair to have plenty of those on YouTube for me to watch just like this one.

Now the ErgoChair 2 has an ordering process that is very seamless.

The website is very clean.

You can see exactly what you're ordering.

They're not a crazy amount of options and the ones that are there, you know exactly what they mean.

And to be fully honest, I decided to go with the ErgoChair 2, because all of the competitor websites were just too annoying.

I couldn't stand researching all the other options available.

The Ergochair 2, just seemed like a good all in one package.

The one annoyance I did have during my ordering process was after I purchased the ErgoChair 2, I found out it wouldn't be shipped for another seven days.

And basically, it was back-ordered, but it wasn't notated anywhere on the website.

So I had to wait seven days for it to ship and then another seven days for delivery.

So two weeks from purchasing to delivery with that being said, when I called on the phone to ask about this, the customer service is really nice.

They were really friendly and transparent. So I really appreciate that.

Now. One thing I definitely did not expect is when the delivery came, it was a giant box and FedEx just left it outside my house in the driveway.

And there was no way for me to bring this inside by myself. I knew it would be a pretty big box, but I didn't expect it to be something that required two people to bring inside.

So definitely keep that in mind, if your delivery is going to be left outside, you're probably gonna need some help, bring it inside where you want to set it up.

Opening the box

Now after opening the box, one other frustration I did have was there is some assembly required.

It took me about an hour, start to finish to assemble this by myself.

If I had somebody else helping me, I probably could have gotten that done faster.

But again, if you're doing this by yourself, expect some assembly expect some time we can put into that.

The instructions for assembling aren't super clear.

I've had other products that have much clearer instructions, but all the tools are included. And there are plenty of guides online that you can watch if you want extra help.

One mistake I personally made was I put the arm rest on the wrong way, and that's one of the first steps.

So I had to undo all of that and put them bond reverse. And it was just annoying. It took me an extra 15 minutes just to do that.

The quality of the chair

Now, once the chair is assembled, it does look really nice.

I got the baby blue option and as a nice little flare to my office, set up, all the materials seem really strong and durable.

The plastics don't feel too cheap.

The only thing that I found flimsy, where the control levers and buttons, when you move them around, they're definitely a little loose, but all the plastics, metals seem really solid.

One other word of caution is the headdress does make a very loud noise when you try to adjust it.

I think it's just the mechanism that holds it in place. So it's supposed to do this, but I was caught off guard with the loud noise and made after I adjusted it.

So just keep that in mind too.

Customization & Ajustments

Now, one of the primary factors in me choosing this chair was the amount of customization available.

Normally to get this much customization, you have to pay a lot more money in the ergo chair, two price point for 349$ allows you a lot of customization that you normally wouldn't get.

So the first thing you have the option to do is adjust the seat height up and down.

This is pretty standard, but obviously the share will have that too.

Another important adjustment that you do have is the ability to move the seat forward.

And back my last chair didn't have this. And I realized that my knees were in Ken's the chair and all the times, if I sat all the way back.

So being able to adjust that distance that your knees have having a little space between them really does help.

You also have the ability to adjust the seat tension of the back.

And personally, I don't really see much of a difference when doing this, but you do have that option available.

There's the ability to adjust the tilt of the seat.

So if you're really focused and want to lean forward into your work, you can tilt forward and lean into your desk.

On the back of the chair, you have a lever that will lock your back rest.

So if you unlock it, it'll allow you to lean back farther or you can lock it and just stay upright in the middle of the chair, you do have the ability to adjust Lombard support.

And I really wanted this because my lower back does hurt after I sit for a long time.

And why don't you adjust it? You're good.

But adjusting this thing is really annoying. It's really stiff.

And you have to put some force into it, but it's not one of those things you'll move around too often. So I just adjusted once it'd be like that.

On the other side of the chair, you also have one more option to adjust how far back you can lean.

This chair does lean back really far. It's really comfortable for when you're lounging around and just chilling.

But I wouldn't recommend leaning that far back for your everyday work.

You can lock it in place as well.

So if you find a position that's comfortable for you, you can lock it farther back.

And lastly, you can also adjust the arm. Rest of the chair, both armrests can go up and down to individual Heights and you can also move them forward, backwards side to side as well.

I love these arm rests a lot because normally sitting at your desk, the worst part is how you position your arms for your keyboard and your mouse.

So having that extra control for your armrest height makes a big difference.

Another thing I should mention is the backrest of the chair is very breathable.

I don't get a sweaty back or anything like that, but if you sit for a long time, you may have had that experience where your back feels really hot.

You won't have that with this chair.

The only thing I did find though, was a lot of fuzzies from my shirts and my blankets are getting stuck in the backrest because the material is very like a mesh thin material.

So a lot of those fuzzies are getting stuck in the chair.

They do come out and I could probably try using a vacuum to take them out, but just keep that in mind as well.

The seat cushion is really soft but also firm at the same time, don't expect it to feel like a pillow or sitting on a cloud. It is really strong though, for long days of work.

So I really liked that.

And also the blue color so far hasn't gotten any marks or stains or anything like that.

So, so far so good. I'm interested to see how long this material holds up for the term.

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